Reem Maghribi

ReemMaghribi.jpg - Reem Maghribi Editor, Writer, Artist, Communications Consultant Reem Maghribi

Editorial & Communications Director at advertising agency Mind the Gap

Managing Director at non-profit organisation Sharq Media

Creative Communications Consultant // publishing . broadcast . web

Media Specialist // writer . editor . speaker

I am a British-Arab communications consultant.

I moved to Beirut from Damascus in 2011, and from London to Damascus three years prior.

I am currently Editorial and Communications Director at Beirut advertising agency Mind the Gap and Managing Director of non-profit organisation Sharq Media.

Previous consultancies have included roles with the United Nations, European Commission, International Media Support, Libya TV, Radio Sawa and the Syria Trust for Development, among others.

During my time in Syria I founded the country's only English language daily newspaper, Baladna, with the country's biggest published, United Group.

I have trained students and young and established professionals in communications and journalism in Syria - both at Kalamoon university and as part of an EU-funded SEBC programme - and in Libya.

In London, I was the publisher of Sharq, a bimonthly British-Arab socio-cultural magazine with a circulation of 30,000 copies nationwide. During my time as the magazine's editor, I appeared as a guest on various prime-time programmes including SkyNews, BBC World and AlJazeera. I have also been a speaker on panels in the Houses of Parliament, and in Doha with Lord Nazir Ahmed, Madrid with Lord Paddy Ashdown, and Baku with Francis Fukuyama, among others.

As a communications consultant I work on projects involving corporate branding, website design and development, search engine optimization, audiovisual production, tailored writing and editing, and media relations strategies.

I hold a degree in Information Management from the University of London and a Masters in Hypermedia Studies. I am a native English speaker, fluent in Arabic, and currently working on my French.