Lara Balaa

Graphic Designer @ Maajoun — ideas, type & design

Lara.jpg - With Pascal and Khajag's hand sketches! Lara Balaa

Born and raised in Beirut, I studied graphic design at the American University of Beirut - Lebanon (BGD 2002), then specialized in international communication management at The Hague University - The Netherlands (MICM 2009).

My professional experience covers advertising, visual communication, corporate identity, editorial and Arabic type design. As well as communication research and advice.

My graduate academic research focused on building social capital in the information age, and on communicating with student groups through formal and informal networks.

In fall 2010, I joined the Arts and Design department at The American University of Science and Technology as part-time faculty where I am currently teaching advanced practical and research based graphic design courses.

And in December 2010, along with graphic and type designer Khajag Apelian, I founded 'maajoun' visual communication and type design studio.

Founded by Lara Balaa and Khajag Apelian, maajoun is a communication and type design studio that works hard on mixing business with pleasure! This blog is an account of our design-related and non-related experiences, thoughts and interests.

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