Joumana Al Jabri

Working as part of a transdisciplinary team inducing innovative solutions to enhance the human experience on earth, or part of it!

- have a closer look, you'll see the letter A created our of metal and shadow

the more languages you perfect, the more cultures you are able to absorb, the more accepting you become. Arabic is a beautiful language, we managed to let it sink. I value Khatt's efforts in making it float again.

Saudi National. Born in 1977.
Joumana is a knowledge and development architect based in Dubai and Beirut. She collaborates with organizations working on projects concerned with social maturity and development. .

She graduated with a bachelor of Architecture and a bachelor of Fine Arts from Rhode Island School of Design. She developed her architectural skills in Beirut where she worked with Pierre Khoury Architects and Bernard Khoury. She then partnered in establishing an architecture practice in Beirut. While doing so, she completed her executive MBA with the EuroMBA program, a consortium of six Europe based universities.

Co-founder of Febrik, a non for profit organization registered in Beirut, she works in close collaboration with other architects and designers based in Beirut and London on projects addressing the dynamics and practices of public spaces and their users in relation to social and urban change. Febrik has developed and carried out workshops in Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon where the creative process was used as a medium to enhance community participation and action within the immediate social and physical environment.

Joumana’s work process is multidisciplinary and dependant on her social and virtual networks. Her work attempts to address the volatility of the contexts she has lived and practiced in. This was mostly present in the architecture courses she co-taught at the American University of Beirut.

Her work process is multidisciplinary and engages her diverse social networks. She has contributed to publications of which Abitare magazine and Y08: The Skira Yearbook of World Architecture. She has also collaborated on a mobility project for the Rotterdam International Architecture Biennale in 2003. She participated as advisor on Saudi Arabia for Al Manakh: Gulf Continued, a publication about the Gulf region.