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fdz slide-kicking some bad type - fdz kicking some bad type ass

a one-legged comics editor

Hatched in a roostery somewhere in Beirut, the fdz led a mysterious childhood rife with comics, telly and Nutella until he emerged from the American University of Beirut a fully-functioning graphic designer/illustrator/animator/procrastinator.
He battled the forces of freelance work in Beirut until his victory in 2004, when he
announced that “his work here was done” and decided to seek worthier adversaries
abroad. Armed with a scholarship from the KRSF, he studied with the yogis of England
and attained mastery over the art of filmmaking. He currently resides on the peripheries of adventure, choosing a life of solitude and meditation as he readies himself for the unleashing of his filmic assault upon the public.

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