Luigi Farrauto


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Wayfinding Designer. PhD Researcher.

Luigi Farrauto, 27 years old.

Throughout his childhood Luigi had no sense of direction, getting lost even in supermarkets. His greatest passion was archeology, but after spending hours locating the exit in Pompei, he decided to devote his career to wayfinding. His dissertation project, "Damascus' Street Signs", has been proposed to and approved by the Syrian Municipality, and recently joined the 'MAM, Municipal Admnistration Modernisation', a cooperation between EU and Syria. During 2005 Luigi survived through an internship with Luciano Perondi, getting then a graduation from Milano Politecnico, in the Faculty of Design. In 2006 he moved to Holland to join Bureau Mijksenaar in Amsterdam, where he assisted for two years people in finding their way, using himself for test runs. He contribuited to many wayfinding projects, like at the airports of Abu Dhabi, Emirates, and Schiphol, Amsterdam. He also worked on wayfinding projects in a shopping center in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, with Martijn Geerdes and the architects of UN Studio. He worked on maps and pictograms for RandstadRail, Holland, as well as for several smaller info-design projects. Now he carries his battle against disorientation on, but he still gets lost in supermarkets. He's working as a wayfinding strategist and information designer, specialized in drawing maps, pictograms and designing signage systems. He's attending a PhD in Design in Milan and teaches Graphic Design at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna. In his free time he studies Arabic and travels around the world, going always far out of home.