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Nomadic Traces Program // Tracés Nomades Programme

Events Program

16 Dec 2016
16 Sep 2017

The Khatt Foundation and Dar Bellarj propose performances, concerts, debates, meetings for young and old, novices or initiates, local and international, that will punctuate the season and offer poetic and playful moments representative of Moroccan and international culture in all their diversity.

The 2016/17 season will be an invitation to travel through typography and writing. A "nomadic trail" that connects poetically past and present and uses different mediums of expression. The events will animate Dar Bellarj's courtyard, its exhibition rooms, its place of residence, its classrooms and its cellar to share the culture in all its aspects.

TNNT_KHTT - Esther de Vries & Richard Niessen

16.12.2016 —16.09.2017


16.12.2016 : Inauguration

18.00 : Opening/vernissage
18.30 : Welcoming note and artists presentation
19.30 : Performance and fashion show presenting the works of Margherita Abi Hanna and Amine Bendriouich.
20.00 : Cocktail and letter-cookies the Amal Association in collaboration with Brahim Boucheikha.

17.12.2016: Lecture /Conférence

18.00 : Welcoming tea
18.30 : "The Journey of a letter: from a mark to an artistic installation"
Round table and debate in the presence of the artists moderated by the curator of the exhibition Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFarès.




JAN 2017

17.01.2017 : Meetings

Literary Salon: «Journey of Letters»

Starting on 17 January 2017, a series of monthly events that will accompany the exhibition all along, during which Yassine Adnane, writer and journalist, will invite authors whose pens have traveled from one writing system to another. The meetings will also be occasions for book signings for authors recent works. The series is launch with the presentation of Yassine Adnane's book Al Abér.


Feb 2017

10–17.02.2017: Workshop

Workshop «Jewelry Design» Open to the women of Fondation Dar Bellarj led by Margherita Abi Hanna.

17.02.2017: Lecture

Lecture «Architecture of the oasis of southern Morocco, a writing anchored in history» (in French)
Presented by Salima Naji: Architecte DPLG (Paris-La-Villette), Doctor in anthropology (PhD. Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales), and specialist of the built heritage.


MAR 2017

1—11.03.2017 : Dance

Performance «Dancing Letters», Taoufiq Izeddiou. During the international contemporary dance festival «On marche» (we walk), Dar Bellarj will open its doors to a variety of dancers to interact with the interactive video installation by Laurent Mareschal.


APR 2017

7.04.2017 : Music

Sufi Music «Women's voices : Soufi Amazigh-Berber Samaa». Directed by Safia Adouane. A meeting around Sufi-Amazign singing with Berber women from Tiznit.

14.04.2017 : Lecture

«Written in clay: Clay as a means of expression». The letter engraved in clay, from the alphabet to various means of using clay as expressive medium. A talk by Zineb Triki, ceramist, artist and dierctor of Arterre, the art and ceramics workshop in Marrakech.


MAY 2017

5.05.2017 : 18h30 : Lecture

«The Amazigh Graphic Arts», by Artists and teacher M. Lahbib Fouad, head of research at the IRCAM (Royal Institute of Aamzigh Culture) in Rabat.

6–7.05.2017 : Workshop

Workshop «Tifinagh Typography». Led by the artist Lahbib Fouad. Open to graphic designers by registration (limited spaces).
Atelier de «Typographie Tifinaghe». Animé par l’artiste Lahbib Fouad. Ouvert aux graphistes sur inscription (places limitées)

17.05.2017 : 18h30 : Lecture / Conférence

«Amazig writing, from rock to screen». Presented by M. Ahmed Skounti, researcher, lecturer and head of the anthropology department at the Science Institute of Archeology and Heritage in Rabat.


2016.08.30 - Brooklyn - H.A.T. promo (Part 1)_47 - #Nicely Toasted Tweaked 2.jpg -


16.09.2017 : 18.30 : Closing Musical Performance


Live performance by H.A.T. (aka Hatim Belyamani), Moroccan multimedia artist and musician living in New York, and guest artist Khadija El Warzazia, linking traditional Moroccan music to contemporary electro beats and video art.

This performance will be the culmination of a week-long residency led by Hatim.  At the start of the residency, Hatim and his remix ←→ culture team will have recorded and filmed the all-women traditional Houariyat percussion and vocal ensemble from Marrakech, led by Khadija El Warzazia. The following few days, H.A.T. will have deconstructed these video recordings, fed them into EL MACINA, his custom-designed live video remixing platform, and collaborated with Khadija El Warzazia to prepare this truly unique closing performance.

Performance de H.A.T. (pseudo de Hatim Belyamani), artiste multimédia et musicien marocain basé à New York, et son invitée Khadija El Warzazia. Ensemble, ils vont nous offrir de nouveaux liens harmonieux entre les musiques locales traditionnelles et l’art du remix numérique audio-visuel.

Cette performance sera le résultat d’une résidence artistique, menée par Hatim la semaine précédant ce concert.  Au début de la résidence, Hatim et son équipe remix ←→ culture aura enregistré et filmé la troupe feminine de percussions et chants traditionnels Houariyat de Marrakech, menée par Khadija El Warzazia.  Puis, H.A.T. aura consacré quelques jours à déconstruire ces captations vidéos afin de les intégrer dans EL MACINA (la plateforme qu’il a configuré pour produire des remix audiovisuels en live), tout en collaboration avec Khadija El Warzazia pour préparer cette performance novatrice et réellement unique.