Saudi Experimental Type Workshop

3 Mar 2017
4 Mar 2017

29:31JAC_TYPEWorkshop_img01 - Typeface design by Fenna Zamouri. Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFarès

The letters will be treated as formal elements that go beyond writing and test the limits of readability. Vernacular and architectural elements from the context of Jeddah’s urban landscape will form the starting ideas of the typographical explorations.

The workshop will teach basic principles of designing an Arabic typeface.
It will help participants look at their direct environment with more critical eyes.
It will inform the participants of the creative possibilities of Arabic typeface design.

Workshop requirements

1. Participants should undertake a preliminary research collecting images (photos) of Arabic lettering from their daily life and from the city of their residence.
2. Participants should bring their own laptop to the workshop, already have installed Adobe illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, and should be proficient on both.
3. Participants should be provided with drawing and painting materials (brushes, pens, reed pens, inks and paper), but will be asked to bring their own and be inventive in creating unusual writing tools.


Friday, 3 March 2017: 14.00—18.00
Saturday, 4 March 2017: 9.00–17.00

Please register on the Saudi Arts Council by clicking here.

feel free to download the PDF Flyer herebelow for further information.