alzahraa sulaiman

Graphic Designer, Fine Artist & Photographer

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on a mission with no guidelines or time limit but with an aim to make difference.

It has always been hard for Al Zahraa Sulaiman to express herself in words, but everything changed since she explored this magnificent world of visual communication..

At the age of 6 she won her first award for a mural and her second was at the age of 10 for producing a series of paintings on driving awareness and since then she knew exactly what she wanted to be. She started as a Fine Artist and gained most of her foundation education at The Collage of Fine Arts in Sharjah, then transferred to the American University in Dubai to major in Graphic Design and graduated Spring 2007. between 2002 and 2004 she had five painting and mixed media exhibitions, and then shifted to photography. Her last five exhibitions ranged between Digital contemporary photography and Classical B&W. She freelanced as a designer and a photographer for many different companies, not to mention performing at the Sharjah International Biennale.

Zahraa won an award for designing the corporate identity of Sharjah Heritage days Festival when she was a freshman. She also won the Photographer of the month Award from Soura Magazine and been featured in the George Washington Review in the USA. Her most recent achievements are completing the supporting photographic work for the book “Souza, Bridging Indian Art with West Art”. Being part of the designing team for Dubai Management Innovation Forum advertisement, which has been aired on BBC World and CNBC, and winning the Student Ambassador Award from the American University in Dubai. Zahraa is currently working on two books and a body of work for an upcoming solo exhibition.

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