Successful Fonts: Muna

Blog entry discussing the popularity of the Muna font

Muna typestyle everywhere - Muna font used in Arab Spring protest banner Khalid

The Muna typestyle is everywhere in the Arab countries. It is not difficult to find an example of its usage anywhere you happen to be in these countries. Ranging from its usage on huge commercial advertisements, Arab Spring protest banners, shop signs, to small tickets, the Muna font is usually the designer's or typesetter's preference.

The main reasons for the popularity of the Muna font is the conformity of the font's characters with the traditional letter forms. This conformity however did not prevent its designer, Abdullah Faris, from developing a fresh and contemporary style design. These two reasons, in addition to some beautiful and ingenuous details used in the design, helped to promote the popularity of this font. The popularity of Al-Nashir Al-Sahafy publishing platform, for which the Muna font was designe, is also an important factor that contributed to the widespread usage of this font.

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