Sculpting Type: an introduction to cnc typography

Book Presentation and Launch

27 Sep 2013

Khatt Books in collaboration with the Bijzondere Collecties, UvA (Special Collections of the University of Amsterdam) is hosting the book launch of “Sculpting Type” by Edo Smitshuijzen, at the Bijzondere Collecties' Museum Café.

The author will be present to discuss what inspired him to make write and design this book, and will elaborate on his research and experiments with 3D software, and designing for computer-aided machine production.

Please RSVP to: info@khattbooks.com

SculptingType_Cover_SM - Book cover, showing both the Arabic and the English sides. Edo Smitshuijzen

This book is an invitation for (graphic) designers to enter the 3D universe. Producing tangible stuff has never been easier. This territory is anxiously waiting for designers with graphic and communication skills to step in, dream away and explore a world that is much less ephemeral than their professional field. Their professional background may move traditional barriers and our environment may be enriched with tangible objects from a world of creation normally exposed in books, magazines, and on screens.

The book explains the basic and varied manufacturing technologies. It discusses production options, problems, and how to best deal with them. But most of all by showcasing new designs the author tries to open up the lid of a bottomless box that has stayed closed for too long.

To read more about this book or to order copies please follow this link: