Contemporary Arabic Book Typography and Lettering

Lecture at the GR-ID

29 Apr 2014

The talk will focus on the often overlooked aspect of book typography’s role in enhancing the content of a book and the promise that book covers deliver to the potential reader.

Khatt books.jpg - Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFarès

Typographic design whether for new or old media such as printed books and publications, influences our daily lives and reflects the zeitgeist. At this juncture in our world history where most cities around the world are connected, where an overwhelming amount of knowledge is available, searchable and almost free (though often unedited and indigestible), where knowledge and new media are capable of moving people to actions of extreme measures (protests, uprisings, revolutions and even wars), it might sound modest to talk about printed matter such as books. However, books hold their firm place in our collective world history—book typography and lettering are an essential part of a book’s communicative power.

The formal typographic aspects of Arabic (and bilingual) literary and contemporary art books will be discussed in light of how they reflect contemporary design trends, and the influence of cultural exchange on these design in the Arab world in particular. Samples of work from the Egypt, Lebanon, the Arab Gulf, and the speaker’s own design work will be presented as case studies.

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