Transitions: Migration and Travel

An exhibition, part of Wanted Design, NYC Design Week 2016

7 May 2016
17 May 2016

Design and Flow is proud to present its series of events as part of NYC x Design Week 2016. (1) Transitions: Migration and Travel exhibition, a two-part exhibition with Wanted Design NYC, (2) panels and discussion series at Parsons School of Design and (3) Portraits of Change reception and party.

D&F_ChangeDesign - Hala A.Malak

1. Transitions: Migration and Travel

at Wanted Design NYC

Show run: May 7 – 17 (hours 11:00am – 6:00pm) at Industry City
May 14 – 16 (hours 10:00am – 7:00pm) at Terminal Stores

In our transient lives, movement from one place or state to another is common, if not expected. Our boundaries are constantly being redefined, both physically and conceptually. Yet all this movement is creating new challenges and reinforcing existing ones, intimate issues of belonging and identity become critical: Voluntary versus forced migration, passports, visas, adapting to new transit regulations and technologies, refugees, illegal immigrants, acceptance and integration into new cultures and societies, while needing to keep connections to native lands and homes alive.
The Transitions: Migration and Travel exhibition looks at the fundamental role that design plays in opening up awareness to issues, encouraging relevant conversations and presenting innovative solutions, while the D&F label presents, on the same topic, a unique collaborative collection, available for purchase, all designed to add flow.

The two-part (Manhattan and Brooklyn) exhibition will feature work from:
Obeida Sidani: visual story telling through Arabic calligraphy.

Lucify: interactive information visualization portraying the scale and scope of the current refugee crisis.

Rabih Shibli: a proactive architectural initiative featuring a functional and acclaimed refugee shelter that is currently adopted in the Middle-East and exclusively showcased and built in our exhibition.

Karim Doueidy: sound design narrating migration patterns.

Design To Improve Life Challenge: award-winning elementary school student project to welcome refugees in Europe.

Mary Mattingly: award-winning wearable individual and communal shelters.

200 Grs: installation showcasing the emotional experience of being a refugee.

Azra Aksamija: addressing cultural bias and perceptions of the ‘other’ through road signage)

Maria Jahnkoy: the chosen work of a Parsons School of Design student on ethnicity, culture and craftsman ship in textile design.

The D&F label will launch with collaborative work featuring collaborations with 200 Grs, Slow Factory, Choux a La Creme and Amelia Black. The collection features objects, accessories and visual design.

2. Design and Flow panel and discussion series at

Parsons School of Design

In a world where turbulence in our political systems, disconnectedness in how we approach nature, and roughness in our economic and organizational dealings are prevailing, strategic design has a valuable role in adding flow (continuous, smooth and graceful changes) to situations and creating solutions to current crises. The panels and discussions feature academics, scholars, practitioners, businessmen and policymakers to explore whole system redesign and the roles each are playing in redesigning our products, services, processes, organizational structures and lifestyles, as well as how they are engaging people, organizations and communities in the redesign and implementation process.
Segment 1: Transitions: Migration and Travel
Segment 2: Human Rights
Lunch will be served.
Confirmed speakers include:
Azra Aksamija, MIT Media Lab
Alex Gladstein, Human Rights Foundation
Rabih Shibli, American University of Beirut
Full list of speakers will be updated on our Facebook event page:

3. Design and Flow Portraits of Change

Launch Reception and Party

Design and the arts have the potential to solve the complex global problems we face today with empathy and innovation. The Portraits of Change series asks designers, thinkers, and leaders how they want to see design create a positive impact, make a change, or start a conversation.

Join Design and Flow for the Portraits of Change Party as part of NYCxDESIGN Week and come celebrate with us, have your portrait taken and enjoy a night of fun, food, refreshments, designer mingling and social innovation.

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1043533365689900/