Farsi Letters Melody

Workshop and Exhibition of Mehdi Saeedi's design work

17 Oct 2007
21 Oct 2007

Mehdi Saeedi will be exhibiting at the 07 Plus International Design festival in Paris, and giving a workshop on Persian calligraphic tradition and design.

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Mehdi Saeedi's posters combine some of the very traditional Iranian lettering with Latin typography with the attempt to create a new balance between essentially different design/lettering traditions. He addressed in his work the aesthetic, spiritual, and technical aspect of his design process.

The workshop will introduce the participants to the Arabic alphabet and the Persian lettering and calligraphic styles. Then the design will be based on creating dual-script (Latin & Arabic) based on Persian music. The idea is to experiment freely and create a strong emotive design through abstract typographic/calligraphic compositions.

You can read more his ideas and opinions on these issues and about these events on his personal page on this site. The exhibition of his work is entitled From Script to Fancy.