Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFarès

White Wall Beirut

Great event not to be missed this fall in Beirut

6 Sep 2012—3 Nov 2012
At Beirut Art Center (BAC), Jisr El Wati. Building 13 street 97, Zone 66 Adlieh, Beirut
In Partnership with Fondation Saradar

Jawwa3touna - Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFarès

WHITE WALL, organized at Beirut Art Center in association with Fondation Saradar and a team of three curators, is an exhibition in which one of the main objectives is to give new impetus to the Lebanese graffiti scene. Fifteen international artists, from Europe, North America, South America, together with artists from Egypt and Tunisia, with diverse visions and street art practices, have been invited to share their passion and expertise.

Beirut Art Center will host an exhibition, while the show will also spread over the streets of Beirut, creating a dynamic interaction between the exhibition’s venue and the city. Eighteen Lebanon-based artists- the figureheads of the Lebanese street art and graffiti scene- will participate in the various WHITE WALL activities and outdoor interventions throughout Beirut.

With curators: Charles Vallaud aka Prime, Siska, & Don Karl

And artists: eL Seed, Ammar Abo Bakr, Aya Tarek, Benoit Debbane, Btoy, Inti, L’Atlas, Obetre, Mark Jenkins, Parole, Reso, Tanc, Zepha, Pascal Zoghbi / 29 Arabic Letters / 29LT and others: Abe, Ali, Ashekman, Ben, Dih Dihzahyners, EPS, Fish, Horek, 
K-Brit, Kimewi
, m3alim, Oras, 
, Phat 2, Sens, Twik, Y2T, Yazan, Zed.

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