TMM2.0 2nd Meeting

Dubai-Sharjah Agenda

12 Mar 2009
22 Mar 2009

Exhibit at Bastakia Art Fair: 15-22 March | Opening 15 March

Dubai_Feast.jpg - Carafe of wine with Arabic calligraphy, from the Sharjah Biennial of Calligraphy 2008. The larger words read "ya Lateef" meaning 'oh gentle [person]".

Program for early arrivals: 15, 16 March 2009

Day at Bastakia, swimming and barbecue on the beach

Day in the desert, walk in the Wadi and visiting the Hatta pools


Day 1: 17 March 2009

Daytime: Satwa Walk (morning walk), Ibn Battuta Mall visit, MoE (Ski Dubai)

Evening: MELLE'S BIRTHDAY dinner! at Madinat Jumeirah 


Day 2: 18 March 2009

Daytime: Souqs: Fish+Vegetable markets, Naif Souq, Gold souq, Creek Park

Evening: Opening of Art Dubai


Day 3: 19 March 2009

Daytime: Sharjah Walk / Heritage Area: Sharjah Calligraphy Museum, Museum of Islamic Art, Blue Souq, Al Qasbah, and other cultural landmarks

Evening: Opening of Sharjah Biennial and exhibitions


Day 4: 20 March 2009

Daytime: Driving day / Workshop Session at the Batakia Villa 58 (open doors)

Evening: Early drinks at Bab el Shams / Dinner at Ravi

Late Evening: Bastakia Villa 58 talks, presentations and party

why we do what we do and how : typomatch2.0 designers in conversation with local designers and architects


Day 5: 21 March 2009

Daytime: Art Dubai visit / Art Forum

Evening: Afternoon talk at Bidoun Lounge/Art Dubai:


Farewell Dinner


Day 6. 22 March

Flights back home