Typographic Matchmaking in the City 2.0

The Typographic Matchmaking sequel — Typographic Matchmaking in the City V2.0 project — focuses on typography’s use in placemaking within an urban context. The design teams consist of carefully "matched" Dutch and Arab designers, who are to create expressive type designs and their applications (exploring different material or virtual applications). Translating cultural ideas into concrete design products: digital fonts and 3D prototypes that could be exhibited outdoors or indoors at the specific sites in order to enhance a sense of place. The idea is not only to match the Latin and Arabic scripts harmoniously therefore stimulating cultural dialogue through design, but also to take the idea a step further and start a dialogue between two iconic cities from these two cultures. Cities that may have a shared history and traits but that are also sufficiently different. The two parallel cities are: Dubai and Amsterdam. More specifically the Creek in Dubai and the area around the river IJ in Amsterdam.

Typomatch-2b.jpg - Edo Smitshuijzen