TypoMatch Dubai meetings (updated)

17 Mar 2009
21 Mar 2009

The purpose of this visit and working sessions in Dubaiis :
— to get a more personal and experience of the culture, feeling the light, the scale, the materials (colors and soudns and smells) and the way people interact in public spaces.
—to internalize this information and incrporate it in the begiining ideas that has been set in each project so far.
—to bring the sketching and design of each project further.

we should add more material to our house exhibition at the end of each day

we should have new material to present on the Friday 20th talk in our villa/house

and then later at the more formal presentation at Art Dubai on Saturday the 21st.

Day1 : Tuesday 17 March 2009

— 9-10am :: Setting up the studio
— 12-4pm :: free time
— 7pm :: meeting at the Khatt Villa to welcome all and get the project/work started.
Melle's Birthday Party (dinner)

Day2 : Wednesday 18 March 2009

— 9-12 am :: Walk along the Dubai Creek (Fish+Vegetable markets, Naif Souq, Gold souq, Creek Park) 
—12-4pm :: free time
— 4-7 pm :: working session at Khatt Villa Studio (and discussions)
— 8p-10pm :: Opening of Art Dubai 

Day 3 : Thursday 19 March 2009

— 9-12 am :: working session at Khatt Villa Studio
— 12-4pm :: free time
— 4-8 :: Sharjah Walk / Heritage Area (Sharjah Calligraphy Museum, Museum of Islamic Art, Blue Souq, Al Qasbah, Al Buhairah)
— 8pm-10pm :: Opening of Art Dubai 

Day 4 : Friday 20 March 2009

— 9-6 pm: field trip to the desert / working session at Hatta
— 6-7pm :: drive back
— 7-9pm :: freshening up
— 9pm :: Talk at the Khatt Villa and party
"why we do what we do and how : typomatch2.0 designers in conversation with local designers and architects"

Day 5 : Saturday 21 March 2009

— 9-12 am :: Working session at Khatt Villa Studio and closing session
— 12-4pm :: free time
— 4-6 :: Art Dubai —Art Park Bidoun Lounge presentation of Typographic matchmaking 2.0 project 
— 8pm-10pm :: Farewell dinner