Khatt Foundation Design Studio @ Abu Dhabi Art 2010

Exhibition, Filmscreening, Book Launch, Talks, and Worshop

This November (4 – 7 Nov. 2010) the Khatt Foundation will be one of the design exhibitors in the Abu Dhabi Art Design Studio.

Please join us to voice your opinion, present your work, hang out and watch films, and actively participated in our Urban Poetry typographic design workshop.

InTheShade - StoryLine Font adapted to a 3D Sculpture. Design: Max Kisman, Naji El Mir, and Hisham Youssef. Naji El Mir

The Khatt Foundation Design Studio at Abu Dhabi Art 2010 will be a platform for presenting the Typographic Matchmaking in the City as well as public recording studio where live interviews with local designers, visual artists and cultural operators will be conducted. These will appear online during the event and can also be watched if missed during the live recording.